luxury face shield
Louis Vuitton

Ajummas made it popular and now face shields are selling for a thousand bucks

It wasn’t long before face shields would get the luxury brand glow up. And Louis Vuitton is doing just that. According to USA Today, Louis Vuitton will be selling luxury face shields for their 2021 Cruise Collection for $961 plus tax of course.

The news release for the luxury face shields said the item is an “eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.” The face shield is kept up with an elastic monogrammed headband graced with the LV logo.

It will also have some cool features because it’s photochromatic and the plastic will turn darker when there is sunlight. Additionally, it’s not just a face shield because it can be flipped up and turned into a hat.

But the real question is will it protect against the coronavirus? Probably not according to the CDC who said “there is currently not enough evidence to support the effectivenss of face shields for source control.”

But fashion needs to be dangerous and this luxury face mask just reeks danger. It will go on sale in October and the price hasn’t been officially confirmed but it’s Louis Vuitton so it’s not a stretch.

So cop one if you got the money instead of just getting a regular uncool face shield for a couple of bucks. However, remember that ajummas made this fashionable before Louis Vuitton came around and culturally appropriated this look.

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