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89-year-old “Gamer Grandma” is a Youtube sensation

This 89-year-old grandma gamer is an inspiration to us all. Japanese grandma Mori Hamaki aka “Gamer Grandma” has been playing video games for almost 40 years and has no plans to stop, reports World Of Buzz. Hamaki has amassed over 98 thousand followers on her Youtube channel where she uploads videos of herself playing “Grand Theft Auto” and “Call of Duty.”

She started to upload videos onto Youtube because she wanted to share with the world the joy of playing video games. Hamaki hoped to inspire others to pick up a controller and get gaming. People were immediately impressed with her amazing gameplay and praised her with comments on her Youtube channel. She wasn’t just good for an octogenarian, she was as good as her younger competition.

Japanese grandma sitting in front of computer screen

But with decades of practice, it comes as no surprise that she would be great in games. According to Game Spark, she started to play games all the way back from 1981. Her first console was the “Cassette Vision” before she switched to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. From there, she was hooked and became amazed at how advanced the games got. When she first played “Resident Evil” on the Playstation, she was blown away by the graphics and storyline.

She went from playing Super Mario Bros to murdering people on the latest first-person point of view games. Her love of games is infectious and she truly is old people’s goals. Hamaki’s advice to the younger generation who wants to play games is to start as young as possible and never quit.

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