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77-year-old Asian woman assaulted and robbed in Japantown in San Francisco

A 77-year-old Asian woman was assaulted and robbed on Tuesday morning in the Japantown area in San Francisco, reports CBS San Francisco News. Police arrested 28-year-old Luis Jorrin who is a parolee for his alleged involvement in the crime.

According to San Francisco Police Commander Raj Vaswani, the incident took place on Laguna and Ellis around 11 am. Jorrin allegedly went up to the victim, threw her to the ground, assaulted her, and stole her purse.

A witness, Michael said he saw a man beating on an elderly Asian woman until a construction worker ran over and knocked the man off of her. The suspect took off with the purse but Michael, a nearby security guard Evan, and the construction worker chased down the suspect.

Police quickly arrived at the scene and arrested him. The victim told KPIX that she was physically okay.

Luis Jorrin was taken in for robbery, elder abuse, parole violation, and committing a crime while out on bail.

Meanwhile, another elderly Asian woman was robbed and almost assaulted in San Francisco on Tuesday around 7:15 am. According to KTVU, a male allegedly picked up the victim’s bag she placed on the ground and walked off with it. The victim followed and demanded he hand over her bag back. But the suspect allegedly reached inside the bag and started throwing items from inside at her before making swinging gestures as if he was going to strike her according to police.

“At some point, the suspect made swinging gestures as if he was going to strike the victim and also made some threats to the victim,” Officer Robert Rueca of the San Francisco Police Department said. “The victim was not injured, nor was she touched in the incident.”

Fortunately, a bystander intervened and aided the victim.

“In this case, this witness was able to go to the aid of the victim and continue to follow the suspect with the victim, and maybe that was the reason why the victim wasn’t hurt in this case,” Officer Rueca said.

Police arrested the suspect who was described as a 30 year old man from San Francisco.

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