Masako Kenley

75-year-old man arrested for allegedly murdering Utah Asian woman

Sandy, Utah police arrested 75-year-old William O’Reilly for allegedly murdering 53-year-old Masako Kenley. According to KUTV, the two knew each other from work and some of their co-workers said he was “obsessed with her.”

Kenley was reported missing on Saturday, July 3rd after she failed to appear at a dinner date with friends the night before, reports ABC 4. Friends and family went looking for her and found her vehicle the next day at a nearby Costco but she was nowhere to be found.

Days later police found her body in a heavily wooded area near the Jordan River.

According to KSL News Radio, her body was hidden under layers of grass and foliage. She was found with two gunshot wounds including one to her chest and multiple injuries from an “edged weapon.”

“Kenley sustained two gunshot wounds, one was to her chest. She also had multiple injuries that were consistent with an edged weapon,” Sandy Police Lietentant Dean Carriger said. “She was shot and stabbed. In this order, that has not been determined at this point.”

Police documents said call records and video surveillance showed Kenley and O’Reilly together on Friday, July 2nd. It is unclear if Kenley met up with O’Reilly willingly or if she was forced against her will.

Investigators also said they have surveillance video of Kenley’s van pulling into the area where her body was later found and leaving twenty minutes later.

“There was some surveillance video that was obtained in the area of 8900 South 700 West that did show Mrs. Kenley’s vehicle driving down into the area and leaving 20 minutes later,” Carriger said.

Police noted O’Reilly told them the two were in Salt Lake City before her death but cell phone evidence suggested that statement was false. But police said he admitted to turning Kenley’s phone off and removing a GPS tracking device from her vehicle.

Additionally, police said they found Kenley’s purse and one of her shoes in O’Reilly’s car.

William O’Reilly was arrested on suspicion of “aggravated murder, desecration of a body, and obstruction of justice.”

Masako Kenley leaves behind a husband and four children, according to the Gofundme set up to help pay for her funeral expenses.

“These past few days have been an absolute whirlwind of emotions. It is amazing to see so many people that we know, and even many that we do not, supporting our family during such a difficult time in our lives. We wish we could thank each of you, in person, who has donated and expressed their love. Thank you for everything you have done for us. These donations have already made a huge difference, allowing us to make preparation for the funeral, bringing family from Japan to the United States, and picking a location for our mother to be laid to rest. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for what has been, and continues to be, donated. Thank you all so much for the love and support that has been given to our family.”

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