72-year-old Shoreline woman accused of threatening Vietnamese American neighbor

A Vietnamese American woman in Shoreline, Washington has accused her neighbor of racially harassing her for years and threatening her. According to Komo News, the defendant has been identified as a 72-year-old white woman named Jan Myers.

On April 5th, Myers allegedly called her neighbor “slant eye” and yelled “hey Miss Vietnam, look at all the trash. You’re not going to live very long,” according to prosecutors.

The neighbor said she has video of the incident.

In an interview with police, Myers allegedly denied threatening her neighbor and calling her “Miss Vietnam.” But according to police, the video shows otherwise.

The Vietnamese woman called the police after she felt Myers’ behavior escalating making her feel unsafe.

Myers allegedly drove her car up and down the street yelling anti-Asian slurs and telling the Vietnamese woman to come out.

Jan Myers was arrested and charged with one count of malicious harassment, reports Patch. She was released on her own personal recognizance and her arraignment is on April 22nd.

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