Cesar Echano
NBC Los Angeles News

70-year-old Filipino-American man punched in Cerritos park

A 70-year-old man Filipino-American man was punched in the face on Saturday morning while out for a walk at his neighborhood park. Cesar Echano and his wife, Ruth, were walking on a trail at Don Knabe Community Regional Park in Cerritos, California when a man approached them and started verbally harassing them, reports Spectrum News 1.

“I don’t know why but he confronted us,” Echano said. “He was laughing and asking me why I was looking at him. I kept my head down and walked away. Then he started yelling a lot of profanity.

“He told me, ‘You don’t belong here and go back to your country.'”

Ruth told Cesar to ignore the man and the couple walked back to their car. While Cesar was in the passenger seat, the same man opened the door and started beating Cesar.

“I just saw fists,” he said. “It happened so quickly. I tried reaching for my phone to take a picture of him, but I couldn’t get to it.”

After the suspect ran off, Ruth drove away. They went to the Sheriff’s department and reported the assault.

After the EMT arrived and treated Cesar, he went back to the park along with police to try to identify the suspect but he was not to be found.

Unfortunately, the pain from Cesar’s bruised right eye and facial swelling became too much causing him to go to the hospital later that day. Doctors performed a CT scan and other medical procedures. Physically he’ll heal but Cesar and his wife have been traumatized to the point they jump at any sounds.

“I don’t want to go out anymore,” he told NBC Los Angeles News.

Cesar Echano has lived in the United States for more than thirty years and this is the first time he has been victimized like this.

Cesar described the suspect as a light-skinned and thin man standing around 5’9″ tall and in his early 20s with wavy hair.

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