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66-year-old Asian man sucker-punched in Bronx, NY and Asian 7-Eleven worker punched

Police are investigating an assault on a 66-year-old Asian man in Morrisania, Bronx, New York. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon around 4 pm in front of 571 E. 167th St, reports News

According to police, the victim was walking on the street when the assailant came up from behind him and punched him on the left side of his face. The assailant who was impersonating a utility worker did not say a word.

The victim suffered from vision impairment but refused medical attention at the scene. The police are looking for a man in his 40s around 6 feet tall. They are determining whether the incident was a hate crime.

Meanwhile a day before on Saturday, an Asian 7-Eleven worker was also punched in the face and called a racial slur after he tried to stop a shoplifter. According to ABC 7 News New York, the incident took place around 6 am at the 7-Eleven at Eighth Avenue and 39th Street in Manhattan.

According to CBS News New York, the 27-year-old Asian worker noticed a customer trying to steal merchandise and when he intervened he got punched in the face. The assailant yelled “you Chinese motherf***er” before he punched the worker according to police.

The victim suffered a cut on his left eye and some bruising. He refused medical attention at the scene.

The suspect came back on Sunday night and stared the employees down. The police came back to the 7-Eleven but the suspect was gone by then.

Police are investigating the matter as a possible hate crime.

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