Taiwanese kid stuck on kite tossed around in air
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3-year-old Taiwanese kid gets tossed in air after getting stuck on kite

A 3-year-old Taiwanese kid got took for the craziest ride of her life after she somehow got stuck on a giant kite. The little girl was at the international kite festival in the city of Hsinchu in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday when she was tossed around the air for around 30 seconds, reports CNN. Miraculously, she was brought back down to earth and the crowd was able to free her from the kite. Check out the video below.

The terrifying incident happened just after the organizers released the giant kites. It is unclear how she got tangled with the tail end of the pink kite. The speed of the winds was around 32 – 38 miles per hour which whipped the girl around like she was whipping her hair back and forth.

The mayor of Hsinchu, Mayor Lin Chih-chien suspended the festival and apologized for the incident.

“We will review the circumstances to prevent accidents like this from happening again, and hold people accountable,” he said.

The girl was sent to the hospital and fortunately only suffered minor injuries. With only abrasions to her neck and face, she was quickly discharged from the hospital.

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