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2 Tennessee State students killed in possible hit and run accident

Two Tennessee State students were killed on Thanksgiving in an apparent hit and run accident, reports the Tennessean. The victims have been identified as Vybhav Gopisetty, 26, and Judy Stanley, 23, from India. The two were in the United States furthering their education in food science. The suspect David Torres turned himself in with the aid of a lawyer.

David Torres mugshot

“The Tenessee State University family is mourning the loss of two TSU students killed in an auto accident Thanksgiving night,” Tennesse State University said in a statement on Friday, reports News Channel 9. “Judy Stanley, 23, and Vybhav Gopisetty, 26, were both graduate students from India pursuing food science degrees in the College of Agriculture. Stanley was seeking a master’s, and Gopisetty a doctorate.”

Police said the accident occurred on Thanksgiving around 7:35 pm in south Nashville. Gopisetty and Stanley were inside a 2015 Nissan Sentra exiting a U.S Bank parking lot at 4040 Nolensville Pike when a 2011 GMC pickup allegedly driven by Torres crashed into it. Witness told police the pickup was speeding and ran a red light. The pickup truck hit the passenger side of the Sentra sending it off the road, through a fence, and into a tree. Although both Gopisetty and Stanley were wearing seat belts, they passed away from their injuries at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Witness Louis Mireles told News 4, the driver of the truck ran from the scene. “They’re dead but we are going to make them alive again … because that guy ran,” Louis Mireles said. “He didn’t even care about life.”

David Torres turned himself in with an attorney at the Metro Nashville Department on Sunday. However, he didn’t answer any questions but the officer took his DNA.

On Friday, a GoFundMe was set up for Vybhav Gopisetty and Judy Stanley to help pay for their funerals. “They both came from small and simple families from India and left their last breathe in United States,” the GoFundMe stated. The bodies will be returned to India to be buried.

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