Arunay Pruthi

12-year-old San Francisco boy swept out to sea – $50,000 reward to find him

Sad news as a young boy who was swept out to sea on Monday, January 18th is still not found. According to CBS News San Francisco, 12-year-old Arunay Pruthi, his father, and his 8-year-old brother were sitting on the sand at Cowell Ranch State Beach in San Mateo County in San Francisco when an unexpected wave hit them and swept them out to sea. The father and the 8-year-old made it back to shore but Arunay did not.

Arunay Pruthi

“It was just very big waves, I guess. We didn’t expect it,” Arunay’s father said. “The waves were pretty big. It threw me around for a while. I just managed to barely make it.”

The coast guard searched for Arunay Pruthi starting on Monday but ended their search by Tuesday morning because they didn’t think the boy was alive anymore.

“The Coast Guard’s object when it searches is for a rescue,” USCG Capt. Howard Wright said. “When we’re no longer confident that we’re able to rescue a victim alive, we will suspend the search.”

After the search was called off, the family took it into their own hands to find the boy. They are offering $50,000 for anyone who can locate him and a Gofundme has been set up to pay for the independent search effort. The money will help pay for drones, a plane, a boat, and a helicopter.

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